Search Results

By default, we return a list of performances based on the performance start date, displayed by venue. Simply click the Buy Tickets link to begin purchasing seats. Performances will be listed with a colour code used to identify the performance availability. If there are too many performances to display, we will provide Next and Previous links for you to navigate through all of the available performances.

Refine Search Results

In order to refine the list of available performances, you can use the search features displayed at the top of the screen. To find a specific performance simply type the partial or full name of the performance or venue into the Performance Details search box and click the Search button. In addition, you can enter a performance date or performance date range to further refine your search results.

To refine your search further, click the Advanced Search link.

Calendar View

We also offer a different view of available performances. Simply click the Calendar View link to display performances via a monthly calendar.