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UCO Lick Observatory

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Friday Night Visitors Program 2013

Each summer, Lick Observatory hosts a Friday Night Visitor Program (FNVP) where the public is invited to observe through both the 36-inch Great Lick Refractor and Nickel 40-inch Reflecting Telescope. Each evening also features two speakers, who present programs even if clouds or fog prohibit viewing.

Lick astronomers present multimedia lectures on their research or topics of current interest. A "History of Lick Observatory" talk is also presented. Amateur astronomer volunteers provide additional outside viewing and informal talks.

Program begins with the first talk at sunset. Observing begins when it gets dark and continues until everyone has had the opportunity to view through both telescopes. Because of the late hours and the need for reasonable public behavior, attendance is not advisable for most children under 10 years old.

*For waiting list information please contact Darlene Perez - dperez@ucolickorg or 831-459-5939

*Please note: Due to safety regulations, children must be at least 10 years of age for admission. No exceptions.*

All tickets are $12 including service charge.

Friday Night Visitor Program #8 - SOLD OUT

Friday, September 27 - 7:30 pm
Speaker: Eliot Quataert, UC Berkeley
Talk: "Black Holes: The Science Behind Science Fiction"